Reasons to Choose 2 Dimensional Barcode Scanners

October 8, 2019 by Amelia Albanese | BLOG

SocketScan on 3d 2d barcode

Imagine scanning tickets for a special event. Hundreds of people flood in line, requiring multiple ticket-masters to check in patrons. Tickets were bought online, so some people printed their tickets while others saved the tickets on their smart phones. Some guests even have online coupons for their tickets, requiring a 2D imager to scan printed or on-screen tickets, as well as printed or digital coupon codes.

Imagine being an owner of a small chain of customized t-shirts. The main warehouse is stock-piled with shirts of varying colors, sizes, and styles just waiting to be personalized by customers. With such massive inventory from varying suppliers, numerous employees need to manage different kinds of barcodes - both 1D and 2D.

  1. Versatile Form Factor:

    Every industry has individual needs for the packages they handle. A more mobile industry may desire an attachable scanner to access their phone’s features, while stocking a warehouse may only want a handheld device. Socket Mobile’s 2 Dimensional barcode scanners are available as handheld or attachable devices ( 700 Series or 800 Series).

  2. Scans on Screens:

    Coupons, movie tickets, and applications are saved online, which are activated by barcodes. Instead of wasting paper, cell phones and computers save those barcodes, and 2 Dimensional scanners are able to read those codes without printing.

  3. Reads Both 1 and 2 Dimensional Barcodes

    Whether your business deals with 1D, stacked, or on-screen codes, a 2D barcode scanner will read the code. The versatility of a 2D scanner is what makes it such a valuable device.

  4. More Available Information:

    1D barcodes contain 20-25 characters while 2D barcodes contain up to 2,000 characters for text, voice, and image information.

  5. Improved Product Trace-ability:

    2D images carry more data for more detailed tracing. Accurately tracing and checking inventory in-real time is easier with more information.

  6. Reads Barcodes in Any Direction:

    Slanted, sideways, or upside down, scanning with a 2D scanner is more efficient. There’s no need to re-position the item, which saves time and energy.

  7. 2D Imagers Read Damaged Barcodes:

    Unclear or worn barcodes naturally happen after packages are handled and passed around. Those seemingly unreadable codes are still readable with a 2D scanner.

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