Socket Mobile Announces .NET MAUI for CaptureSDK

November 15, 2022 by Socket Mobile | PRESS RELEASES

Fremont, Calif., November 15th, 2022 — Socket Mobile, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCKT), a leading provider of data capture and delivery solutions designed to enhance workplace productivity, is excited to announce that CaptureSDK now includes support for .NET MAUI.

Socket Mobile has added support for MAUI in the latest update of their C# nuget package for CaptureSDK. MAUI is the replacement for Xamarin from Microsoft and will be the new way to develop cross-platform mobile and desktop apps in C# going forward. MAUI holds many similarities to Xamarin, however, developers can use it to create multi-platform apps using a single project while adding platform-specific source code and resources. Developers may develop apps that can run on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS from a single shared code-base.  

Socket Mobile continues to expand its toolbox and meet ever-changing software development needs. CaptureSDK now includes MAUI, in addition to native iOS, Android, Windows, React Native, Flutter, Java and JavaScript. This enables app partners to choose the development environment that best suits their needs as they service their business opportunities. 

"Socket Mobile has always been devoted to supporting our app partners, and we constantly strive to provide the best-in-class development tools. Our goal is to remove complexities that come with integrating data capture into apps," said Dave Holmes, Chief Business Officer at Socket Mobile. "We work to ensure our app partners have all the necessary tools to make their apps more valuable to their end-users. We are excited to launch MAUI for CaptureSDK and are proud to support the many app partners who will use this development environment and increase our app partner community." 

Rather than forcing developers to use one specific platform, Socket Mobile constantly works to expand its development environments, allowing partners to select the development platform that best suits their needs. For Socket Mobile, MAUI development and support will continue to be a high priority.   

Socket Mobile's CaptureSDK provides app providers with the most reliable and consistent data capture performance, enabling the app to efficiently capture data in the physical world and utilize it in-app to maximize the productivity of their solution and increase the overall productivity and happiness of their end users. CaptureSDK has been integrated with thousands of applications and already provides easy-to-use software tools for optimal performance and efficiency. Now, with the addition of MAUI, Socket's CaptureSDK delivers a new level of control and adaptability for app developers.   

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