Socket Mobile Announces Upgrade for SocketScan S740 Universal Barcode Scanner

August 3, 2021 by Socket Mobile | PRESS RELEASES

Newark, Calif., August 3, 2021 — Socket Mobile, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCKT), a leading provider of data capture and delivery solutions designed to enhance workplace productivity, is excited to announce the release of an updated version of the SocketScan S740.  The S740 now comes with a variety of versatile new features and performance enhancements. 

The S740 is a Universal Barcode Scanner able to read 1D and 2D barcodes. With version 21 upgrades, the S740 reads 1D, 2D, OCR A & B fonts, OCR USC, OCR passport, OCR MICR (E13B) fonts and DotCode, covering most travel identification documents, including passports, international IDs and micro QR codes on drivers’ licenses. Additionally, the upgrade improves smaller barcode scanning, providing an expanded scanning range of 2 to 19 inches.   The universe of what the S740 can do has expanded at no additional cost to the end-user.  

“These improvements position the S740 as an ideal option for the many POS/retail outlets that require age verification. For retail businesses that sell cannabis, alcohol or tobacco, the S740 is an all-in-one scanning device, allowing workers to verify age and complete POS operations with a single device, minimizing the equipment needed. Plus, with a larger working range and the ability to scan smaller barcodes, there’s no need to reposition the scanner to capture barcodes, making it easier than ever to use,” said Vanessa Lindsay, Senior Product Manager at Socket Mobile.

Like the rest of the SocketScan family, the S740 has a lightweight, ergonomic design and long-lasting batteries. The scanner is exceptionally easy to use, with intuitive notifications for battery level, Bluetooth connection, and scanning status. The S740 is designed to be software compatible with all applications, as well as Android, iOS and Windows devices.

The S740 is also an excellent choice for businesses offering duty-free purchases or other establishments that need to scan a passport to complete transactions. The S740 can scan UPCs on merchandise, QR codes for loyalty cards, OCR alphanumeric information on passports and IDs, plus the latest DotCode.

In addition, for situations and environments requiring a sturdier barcode scanner, the DuraScan D740 will have the same variety of new features and performance enhancements as the S740.

“The need for digital ID verification continues to grow. Vaccination status and legal age requirements are just two examples of where application providers can help provide secure, convenient authentication to allow access to goods, services, and venues.  Socket Mobile’s data capture devices help facilitate this trend now and in the coming years,” said Dave Holmes, Chief Business Officer at Socket Mobile.

For the most reliable and consistent performance, verify with your application provider that Socket Mobile’s latest Capture SDK is implemented in your app.  A single integration with Socket Mobile’s Capture SDK allows you to utilize any of Socket’s data capture devices (barcode scanners or NFC reader/writers).


About Socket Mobile: 
Socket Mobile is a leading provider of data capture and delivery solutions for enhanced productivity in workforce mobilization. Socket Mobile’s revenue is primarily driven by the deployment of third-party barcode-enabled mobile applications that integrate Socket Mobile’s cordless barcode scanners and contactless reader/writers. Mobile Applications servicing the specialty retailer, field service, transportation, and manufacturing markets are the primary revenue drivers. Socket Mobile has a network of thousands of developers who use its software developer tools to add sophisticated data capture to their mobile applications. Socket Mobile is headquartered in Newark, Calif. and can be reached at +1-510-933-3000 or

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