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May 30, 2017 by Socket Mobile | BLOG

Product Customization Form.

With the varying colors, applications and series that Socket Mobile offers as a company, businesses may not be aware that there are even more personalization options for their data capture tools. However, Socket Mobile offers even more customization options because we understand that branding requires proper personalization. Customizing is co-branding with Socket Mobile.

700 and 800 series for insert

Our SocketScan 700 series comes in six standard colors (red, green, blue, white, yellow, grey); the DuraScan 700 series comes in three different colors (utility grey, construction orange, safety green), and the attachable SocketScan 800 series comes in black. However, did you know you could select a unique color to match your establishment’s branding for any of our handheld barcode scanners? Did you know that you could even add your company signature or logo?

Socket Mobile scanners are built for versatility. Our hardware was intended to bend to the needs of the POS application, for the sole purpose of meeting a business’s needs. Appearance is part of branding, so why not make your barcode scanner look part of your brand?

The Process

To ensure the highest quality of these customized barcode scanners, Socket Mobile follows a strict process when manufacturing these personalized scanners:

  • Plastic is molded in customer’s color choice (it is not painted on)
  • The plastic remains antimicrobial, like all Socket Mobile plastics
  • The customer’s logo is adjusted for the scanner’s contours
  • We perform the color matching and provide samples to the customer

The steps we take in providing customized scanners is all part of the process in creating a product that meets the customer’s vision while properly representing the company’s brand.

The Customers

One of our customers, WHSmith – a leading stationary supplier in the UK, was immediately drawn to the colorful Series 7 handheld range. The bright colors piqued their initial interest, but they were especially keen to hear that these scanners could also be customized to match corporate colors and include their company logo.

WHSmith has had the reputation of keeping their stores neat and uniform with their blue and white colors. They were especially pleased to learn that Socket Mobile’s scanners could accommodate this requirement.
WHSmith quickly settled on the most popular of the Series 7 range – the 7Ci 1D Bluetooth barcode scanner. They were pleased to see just how easy it was to incorporate their chosen scanner into their solution, and they were soon discussing customization options.

“We jumped at the chance to customize the Socket Mobile scanners to match our corporate colours and logo. The whole process was simple, straightforward and in line with our policy for launching solutions in store. They look fantastic!” said Serena Davis, WHSmith Store Operations Development Manager.

Another customer of Socket Mobile’s, NeurOptics (, has been using their customized barcode scanners incorporated with their pupil examiner. After browsing our various series and selections, NeurOptics chose the 7Di from the durable Series 7 – a rugged, 1D imager.

Antimicrobial material is a staple for all Socket Mobile barcode White-chs--cradle-customlogo-frontscanners. Helping prevent the spread of germs with easy cleaning, the antimicrobial material was an appealing trait for NeurOptics, where sterility plays an imperative role in the science of pupillometry.

White-durable-customlogo-frontSocket Mobile provided NeurOptics with efficient barcode scanners for fast scanning patient IDs on entry, which is input into their SmartGear Application. Becoming a part of the medical instruments, Socket Mobile’s scanners fit the part with its appearance in white and its ability to help eliminate coding errors. NeurOptics has been incorporating Socket Mobile’s branded 7Di scanners as components in their patient’s programming procedure since 2014.

The Results

Socket Mobile’s goal is to not only provide customers with productive hardware, but deliver products that are also eye-appealing. Our barcode scanners are designed sleek and stylish, worthy of both warehouse management and storefront display.

When customers choose to customize with Socket Mobile, they are not only incorporating an efficient and reliable barcode scanner within their working process, but they are expanding on their company’s own branding, as well.

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