Socket Mobile Launches S720 QR Code Scanner for $199 with Trade-In

August 27, 2022 by Socket Mobile | PRESS RELEASES

Fremont, Calif., August 24th, 2022 — Socket Mobile, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCKT), a leading provider of data capture and delivery solutions designed to enhance workplace productivity, is excited to launch a program for SocketScan S700 users to trade in their existing device and upgrade to the S720 Linear Barcode plus QR code Reader for $199.

The Socket Mobile SocketScan S700 1D Linear Barcode Scanner is an extremely popular scanner used by hundreds of thousands of end-users in conjunction with Shopify, Square, Lightspeed, PayPal and many other popular apps. The S700 is a 1D general purpose data capture device for optimizing daily operations and increasing productivity throughout the workplace. However, data capture requirements are ever-changing, and there is a growing requirement to scan QR codes and other 2D barcodes, associated with payments, loyalty, digital IDs, mobile tickets, etc, which the S700 does not support. Socket Mobile recently launched the SocketScan S720 to give app providers an immediate option for their end users to support 2D barcode scanning due to these recent market changes.

The new SocketScan S720 was designed to support these additional QR code requirements on top of the current functionality of the S700. The S720 is fully compatible with applications that are already in the market, assuming the app is supporting the latest version of CaptureSDK. It is also compatible with all Socket Mobile accessories, such as charging docks and stands.

Socket Mobile is providing an attractive upgrade program for their myriad of existing customers and also to be socially responsible corporate citizens. In addition to allowing users to return their scanner, so they can be correctly recycled, Socket Mobile is also offering additional discounts for those who are willing to use fully tested and functional refurbished units

“Socket Mobile always ensures that our app provider partners have the options and the tools available for their end-users to be one step ahead when it comes to the future of data capture,” said Dave Holmes, Chief Business Officer at Socket Mobile. “We also strive to ensure the needs of our current end users are fully supported as requirements in the data capture world evolve. We’re excited to announce the S720 trade-in program as it gives our application partners the ability to migrate their current install base to support higher levels of functionality that can be incorporated into their apps with QR codes. Existing app providers can be assured that end-users will have access to the benefits of the S720 right out of the box and can immediately start scanning 2D/QR code data into their applications. Users who take advantage of our trade-in program can be confident that the S720 will provide all the functionality they currently enjoy with S700 and have the peace of mind that S720 will take them into the future of data capture by providing high-performance, efficient 2D barcode reading for years to come.”

Socket Mobile users can upgrade now to the S720. The limited-time offer for users to trade in their S700 and receive a $50 credit on the purchase of an S720. This field upgrade provides a 1D and 2D barcode scanner for only $199. The offer will be available until September 30, 2022.

Although 1D barcode types are still prevalent within everyday business operations, 2D barcode usage is growing and will soon become the standard for businesses wishing to transmit larger amounts of data through barcode data collection. 2D barcodes serve multiple purposes simultaneously, offering a level of versatility, functionality, and efficiency that is not possible with 1D barcodes. The GS1 standards body is driving a transition to 2D barcodes in retail by 2027, and businesses that only utilize 1D barcode functionality will soon need to upgrade their data capture solutions.

Application developers who wish to offer the SocketScan S720 can do so through Socket Mobile’s CaptureSDK. CaptureSDK gives app providers the most reliable and consistent data capture performance, enabling the app to efficiently capture data in the physical world and utilize it in-app to maximize the value of their solution and increase their customer’s overall productivity and satisfaction. CaptureSDK gives app providers the ability to offer any of Socket Mobile’s data capture devices interchangeably, including their newest Bluetooth hardware devices and free camera-based scanning software with SocketCam. This allows app providers to give end-users the freedom to choose the right device for each customer’s requirements

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