Socket Mobile Launches SM Keyboard Application on iOS with SocketCam C820 Support

August 31, 2022 by Socket Mobile | PRESS RELEASES

Fremont, Calif., August 31st, 2022 — Socket Mobile, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCKT), a leading provider of data capture and delivery solutions designed to enhance workplace productivity, is excited to launch its SM Keyboard application that includes support for free camera-based scanning with SocketCam C820.

Socket Mobile provides a set of utility applications to reduce the complexity of data capture integration and to help enhance productivity. Specifically, the SM Keyboard is designed to address the challenges users face when using their Socket Mobile barcode scanners with multiple apps running in different modes. Typically, the Socket Mobile barcode scanner is fully controlled by an application that has integrated Socket’s CaptureSDK to maximize the utility and end-user productivity, which requires the scanner to be in App mode. However, Socket Mobile has found that an increasing number of end-users also want to use the scanner with non-scanner-aware applications such as a web browser, Excel, or Word. This requires the end-user to use the scanner in a basic mode, which emulates a keyboard. Switching modes is a time-consuming and complicated process, so to eliminate this tedious step, Socket Mobile is launching the SM keyboard to enable the end-user to use the device with both scanner-enabled and non-scanner-enabled apps on the same device without switching modes.

The SM Keyboard provides an excellent user interface and experience, including support for the SocketCam C820. SocketCam was launched earlier this year by Socket Mobile and turns the camera on any smartphone or tablet into a free, high-performance barcode scanner. The combination of SocketCam and the SM Keyboard allows users to utilize their smart device camera for scanning data into any application of their choice without worrying about whether the application supports an additional hardware scanner or SDK. Users can even scan data into an application they control themselves, enabling full control of the data capture experience for the user.

Using a smartphone or tablet camera for data capture provides a new level of flexibility, speed, and simplicity to daily scanning activities. The SocketCam C820 enables users free, user-friendly barcode and QR code scanning capabilities without having to purchase any additional hardware. This allows end-users to experience the capabilities and benefits of barcode scanning without requiring a large initial investment into physical barcode scanners. This is an ideal option for users who are new to scanning, have low scanning volume, or simply need to test out their daily scanning needs.

The SM Keyboard provides a data capture solution that is exceedingly faster, more reliable, and less error-prone than manually inputting data into an application. It gives new users a unique opportunity to try out barcode scanning for free while also maximizing the usage for those already utilizing a Socket Mobile barcode scanner. In addition, the enhanced SM Keyboard guides users through the process of enabling, selecting, and launching the keyboard for use. It provides full support for the user throughout the setup experience and provides users with intuitive directions to follow to get the keyboard up and running.

The SM Keyboard with SocketCam C820 is free for download from the Apple App Store. For users who need additional performance or have enhanced scanning needs, there will be future installments of SocketCam that will be subscription-based and have more advanced scanning capabilities. Users can also upgrade to a Socket Mobile hardware scanner should they find that their needs are expanding.

Socket Mobile is dedicated to providing the tools and support for its users to maximize productivity throughout the data capture journey. Whether you are a new user to barcode scanning or are already utilizing Socket Mobile’s hardware scanners, the SM Keyboard App provides another enhancement to ensure the best possible data capture experience.

For more information regarding the SM Keyboard, please visit Socket Mobile Utility Apps.

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