Socket Mobile Scanners and Windows 10 - (Technical Blog Edition)

February 8, 2016 by Socket Mobile | DEV COMMUNITY UPDATES

HID (Human Interface Device) is popular for legacy applications because this is the easiest way to connect a barcode scanner with Bluetooth® wireless technology  to a Host. But this convenience came with limitations.  The scan data is limited to the keyboard character set, language support is limited and placement is controlled by the cursor.  Also the transmitted data is not secure and scanned data is not confirmed by the host.  Finally the scanner replaces the keyboard (which may also be needed by the user) and there is no application control and health data from the scanner.  SPP (Serial Port Emulation) addressed these limitations, but the connection required a custom App with an SDK.
With Windows 10, SPP just got a whole lot easier.

Windows 10 includes native drivers for the Socket Mobile CHS 7Ci, CHS 7Di, CHS 7Mi, CHS 7Pi, CHS 8Ci, and CHS 8Qi Barcode Scanners to connect using SPP mode.  So the user gets all the benefits of SPP (UI control and access to all scanner features and integration with 3rd party apps) and with the convenience and without the limitations associated with HID Keyboard Emulation.

Currently, Socket Mobile provides the only barcode scanner with Bluetooth® technology supported with Windows 10 native drivers.

Additional information is available on the Microsoft website at:

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