Data Capture for Deliveries Made Easy

February 27, 2024 by Macie Blakeman | BLOG

Delivery services are increasing in popularity and utility across the globe. Consumers now have instant access to a wide range of goods through online applications, with some even offering same-day delivery right to their doorstep. Whether one orders groceries, gifts, furniture, meals, or everyday essentials, customers are taking advantage of shopping without leaving the comfort of their homes.

As industry competition increases, so does the demand for innovative and approachable software that makes scanning, tracking, and delivering items more accessible for everyone involved. Developers working on delivery applications—from internal software for pure warehouse handling to full-service end-to-end delivery tracking—are in high demand and face the challenge of supporting a wide range of end users. A surefire way to put your delivery application on the map is to "build a better mousetrap" that supports every user's scanning and tracking requirements. But how?

Scanning, Tracking, and Tracing Deliveries for Diverse Industries

In the landscape of delivery services, ensuring precise tracking from pickup to delivery is a significant challenge. Imagine a florist looking to keep track of their deliveries. Barcoded arrangements must be scanned and tracked as they're assembled in-store for stock-keeping purposes, then scanned again as they're handed to the driver for delivery. When the driver hands the flowers to their lucky recipient, the barcode is scanned again to confirm safe arrival. Capturing all this data at every step typically requires each person to have a hardware barcode scanner on hand or use their mobile device for slower, less reliable barcode reading.

The challenges seen in delivery services also extend beyond the stores themselves. Recent years have seen strong growth in the services sector. Companies offering laundry collection or other household services, or those offering last-mile delivery as a service, require fast and accurate tracking (sometimes in both directions) and the need to track deliveries for multiple clients at once. This often requires users to switch between apps or learn multiple user interfaces while trying to hit ever-tighter delivery schedules.

Given the industry's urgent need to meet high customer expectations, there's a clear emphasis on the necessity for a more adaptable and efficient tracking solution. A unified application equipped with advanced data capture capabilities emerges as the key to addressing these challenges, ensuring seamless operations and heightened customer satisfaction.

Simplifying Data Capture within Delivery Applications

Socket Mobile provides a solid foundation for your delivery and logistics software. We provide a zero-cost, stable base for proof-of-concept and early deployment. We support unlimited growth to high-volume systems that integrate not just 1D and 2D barcode technology but radio-frequency identification (RFID) and Near-Field Communication (NFC) as well.

Our CaptureSDK Opens Worldwide Website (AU, EMEA, UK) is designed to get your data capture solution up and running as quickly as possible without onerous licensing fees. Integrated into the CaptureSDK is SocketCam C820 Opens Worldwide Website (AUEMEAUK), a free barcode scanner that uses the camera in the end users' smartphones and tablets. Just fire up any CaptureSDK-enabled app, select the SocketCam C820 as the capture device, and users can begin scanning barcodes immeditately using the camera on their mobile device. In addition, SocketCam allows you to test data capture within your delivery app for free without the need to purchase additional hardware.

Our camera-based scanning software doesn't stop at the basic C820. We also offer a more advanced, subscription-based version, SocketCam C860, that provides upgraded data capture capabilities for users with more advanced needs. The C860 particularly benefits the delivery services sector because it provides powerful barcode scanning features that mitigate common industry challenges. These features include:

  • Faster scanning speeds and higher volume scanning
  • Improved performance in low-light conditions
  • Superior scanning of damaged or broken barcodes

A CaptureSDK-enabled application with SocketCam can provide end-to-end tracking and confirmation at every point of the delivery process for a nationwide appliance outlet, a household goods store, gift chain, food delivery service, or anything else your users could possibly want to track. Scanning is quick and easy, requires no dedicated hardware, and using it with your CaptureSDK-enabled application provides a faster and less error-prone experience than manual tracking or using out-of-date software.

CaptureSDK Provides Room for Growth

Because SocketCam is available to integrate free of charge, developers can get up and running at almost zero cost. In fact, you can build a fully functional app and distribute it to users without anyone so much as looking at a physical scanner. If your take on the concept proves to be the "better mousetrap" for which the industry is clamoring, you now have room for growth. Users can upgrade to the subscription-based SocketCam C860 if they find their scanning needs have changed or increased, without you having to touch the code.

CaptureSDK-enabled applications also fully support our entire range of hardware-based scanners. With one integration, you can give your users an easy route to faster or higher-volume barcode scanning, low-light capabilities, or RFID and NFC-based tagging and tracking without having to re-architect your application. CaptureSDK with SocketCam immediately enables you to cater to your end customers at no extra cost to you or them. Then, if your users assess their needs and find that a dedicated hardware scanner becomes necessary, they can effortlessly upgrade to any of our enhanced software or hardware scanning solutions—as all are fully compatible with CaptureSDK.

As the owner and provider of a delivery app, your goal is to make it as robust and competitive as possible. Integrating CaptureSDK is essential for your delivery app to fully support all scanning capabilities, making it more competitive and comprehensive than others in the industry. It’s free, easy to implement, and ensures you can provide the most reliable delivery data capture experience for each one of your users regardless of their requirements.

Upgrade your delivery app and Simplify your Development Cycle Opens Worldwide Website (AUEMEAUK) by leaving all your data capture issues in the hands of Socket Mobile.

Try it free.

Test out our data reading and scanning technology for free with SocketCam. The SocketCam C820 lets you scan directly into your feature application using the camera on your mobile device, ensuring high-performance scanning without the need for an external barcode scanner.