Socket Mobile's SocketScan S370 Universal NFC & QR Code Mobile Wallet Reader Receives NFC Forum Certification

December 5, 2023 by Socket Mobile | PRESS RELEASES

Fremont, Calif., DECEMBER 4, 2023 — Socket Mobile, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCKT), a leading provider of data capture and delivery solutions designed to enhance workplace productivity, is excited to announce that its SocketScan S370 Universal NFC & QR Code Mobile Wallet Reader has achieved certification from the NFC Forum Certification Program.

The NFC Forum Certification Program verifies consistency in the behavior of NFC devices, confirming that products conform to NFC Forum specifications and ensuring interoperability with other NFC-Forum-certified devices. The SocketScan S370 has passed the program's rigorous testing and validation process, further certifying its interoperability and performance within a vast NFC environment. Achieving this certification is fundamental to ensuring users enjoy a seamless and trouble-free NFC experience when using the S370—as the device is now validated to read all NFC Forum-compliant tags, which number in the billions.

"Achieving NFC Forum certification for the S370 is a crucial milestone in our NFC journey, guaranteeing reader/tag compatibility in a highly secure but complex NFC ecosystem," stated Dave Holmes, Chief Business Officer at Socket Mobile. "As mobile wallet credentials continue to evolve, incorporating various forms like NFC, 1D barcodes, and 2D barcodes such as QR codes, the S370 emerges as a comprehensive solution. It empowers business owners to accept all these formats with a single device, ensuring they are equipped for both current and future credential technologies without the need for additional investments. Combining Socket's NFC hardware and CaptureSDK simplifies support for our developers, allowing them to bypass complexities and focus on leveraging NFC data to enhance their applications and end-user experience. With this advancement, our partners can now support the broadest contactless portfolio along with the latest 1D/2D barcode technology—all with a single reader. The S370 offers the best of both worlds in data capture technology, and this certification reaffirms our commitment to maintaining a high level of quality and support for our developers."

The SocketScan S370 Opens Worldwide Website (AU, EMEA, UK) is a high-performance data capture platform that supports both 1D and 2D barcode scanning and NFC reading and writing. It combines the latest 13.56 MHz Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless technology with barcode scanning and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. Designed to enable Socket Mobile's App partners to facilitate e-wallet applications via on-screen barcode scanning or tap-and-go NFC reading, the S370 combines leading-edge technologies that deliver an effortless data capture experience for business owners and consumers. 

Application developers who wish to enable the S370 for their apps can do so through Socket Mobile's SDK. CaptureSDK Opens Worldwide Website (AU, EMEA, UK) gives app providers the most reliable and consistent data capture performance, enabling the app to efficiently capture data in the physical world and utilize it in-app to maximize the value of their solution and increase their customers' overall productivity and satisfaction. One integration of CaptureSDK allows app providers to offer any of Socket Mobile's data capture products interchangeably, giving end-users the freedom to choose the best device for their specific needs. If your app already uses CaptureSDK, the S370 works out of the box for immediate use.

Learn more about how the SocketScan S370 sets new standards in data capture technology Opens Worldwide Website (AU, EMEA, UK).

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