Step into the Future of 2D Barcode Adoption with the SocketScan S720

September 1, 2022 by Macie Blakeman | BLOG DEV COMMUNITY UPDATES

Covid helped educate the world on the power, reliability, and speed of using QR Codes. As a result, the adoption of QR Codes, and other 2D barcodes, is accelerating for a variety of uses ranging from menus and packaging to credentials in mobile wallets for contactless payments, loyalty, and ticketing.

Many barcode scanners on the market today, particularly entry-level, mid-range, and even older high-end devices, are only capable of reading 1D barcodes. Given that industries across the board are in the process of switching, the need for a user-friendly, low-cost, general-purpose scanner suitable for both 1D and 2D codes has never been greater - and demand is only likely to accelerate from here.

The SocketScan S720, our latest Bluetooth barcode scanner, is designed for traditional linear one-dimensional (1D) barcodes and newer two-dimensional (2D) matrix codes (often called "2D barcodes" or "QR Codes" as QR Codes are one of the most popular types of 2D barcodes).

While 1D linear barcodes remain the default for retail goods, industries are increasingly transitioning to 2D barcodes. This is because 2D barcodes are capable of storing vastly higher quantities of data, offer the option of built-in error correction, and have the ability to serve multiple purposes simultaneously.

In a world where everyone, from multinational corporations to individual retailers, gig-economy workers, and even the person waiting patiently for their delivery to arrive, understands the value of transparency when it comes to data, 2D barcodes deliver on that need.

Customers are requiring more information throughout their purchasing processes, and 2D barcodes enable retailers to provide consumers with significantly more information using a single code. A traditional 1D barcode of the Code 128 standard can hold only around 40 numeric digits or 20 alphanumeric characters before becoming too long to be read reliably by typical scanners. However, a 2D matrix code can easily store over 4,000 alphanumeric characters - vastly extending their potential.

GS1, the organization behind the standardized 1D linear barcode, projects that 50 percent of retailers globally will be capable of scanning 2D matrix codes by 2023, and that the industry will have to make the transition to accepting 2D/QR codes at point-of-sale by 2027 - a deadline it refers to as "Sunrise 2027."

Avoid Being Left Behind: S720 Provides a Seamless Upgrade Path

With these changes in mind, we created the SocketScan S720 to provide a pathway for our app provider partners to support 2D barcode usage. The S720, our latest Bluetooth barcode scanner, is designed for traditional linear one-dimensional (1D) barcodes and newer two-dimensional (2D) barcodes - "QR Codes."

Designed to be compatible with our S700 original 1D barcode scanner, the new S720 adds the extra QR Code functionality for our users who want to take the next step of 2D barcode adoption. Using 2D barcodes with an effective barcode reader, such as the S720, gives businesses an accurate and easy way to track inventory and assets and scan products, digital IDs, and/or credentials from mobile wallets. Compatible with codes printed on physical media or displayed on-screen, the S720 is light, ergonomic, and user-friendly - operating entirely wirelessly with a Bluetooth connection and built-in battery.

With the launch of the S720, our existing app providers can give their end-users an immediate choice for 2D barcode support. New users can start with a solution they know will take them into the future. The S720 will open the door to 2D barcode adoption for more of our users, tightening the bond and enabling transparency between producers, brands, supply chain partners, and consumers.

The S720 is available now through our distribution partners and on the Socket Mobile Website, with an MSRP of $249.

I already have the S700 and need 2D Barcode Functionality for my what?

For those with an S700 or another older Socket Mobile device, we have a limited-time field upgrade trade-in program allowing end-users to purchasse an S720, and receive $50 back when they return their old product. This means end-users get the new S720 for only $199!

We're excited to launch the S720 trade-in program as it allows our application partners to migrate their current install base to support higher levels of functionality that can be incorporated into their apps. Existing app providers can be assured that end-users will have access to the benefits of the S720 right out of the box and can immediately start scanning 2D/QR code data into their applications.

Users who take advantage of our trade-in program can be confident that the S720 will provide all the functionality they currently enjoy with the S700 and have the peace of mind that the S720 will take them into the future of data captureproviding high-performance, efficient 2D barcode reading for years to come.

To begin the process of trading in your S700, visit Socket Mobile Upgrade Offers.

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If you're looking for an affordable, reliable, and accessible upgrade path from 1D barcodes to 2D/QR codes, the SocketScan S720 is a great choice to progress your business into the future of data capture.

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