Top Reasons to Choose an Attachable Barcode Scanner - the 800 Series and DuraCase

November 27, 2019 by Amelia Albanese | BLOG


Imagine a salesperson speaking with an impatient customer who’s asking for a size 10 shoe that’s not found on the shelves. They’re rushing to the stockroom, their heart beating fast, a cell phone in one hand and a scanner in the other. What’s the likelihood that salesperson WON’T drop one of those juggled devices?

Imagine that your boss hands you a work phone for customer calls. You already carry a personal phone in your pocket at all times, and now you have the weight of a phone in each side pocket. Where do you put that handheld scanner for work? It’s cumbersome.

For reasons like these and others, an attachable barcode scanner offers a better, handier solution: 

Accessibility to smartphone features: Smartphones and tablets offer many features that simplify the work environment. GPS, notes, contact lists, camera, video calling abilities, email, and internet access are important, but so is the ability to attach a credit card-sized scanner to that multi-functional mobile device.

Two-in one device (mobile device and scanner): Carrying a handheld device, personal mobile and work phone is difficult to juggle when running around making sales and servicing customers. 

Real-time accessibility to inventory: With an attachable barcode scanner like Socket Mobile’s 800 series, it’s easy for salespeople to check on products in stock when customers ask for an item that is not readily available in-store. 

Small and light attachment: The 800 series is the length and width of a credit card. Not only is it one of the smallest barcode scanners available, but as a result, attaching it to your mobile device won’t weigh it – or you – down. 

Mobile compatibility: Use the mobile device you already have without worrying about compatibility or needing to switch devices. Socket Mobile’s 800 Series with Bluetooth® wireless technology offers native support with Android, Windows, and is certified by Apple® for iOS devices.

Ideal for mobile industries: Many work environments – and the activities within – are now mobile and on-the-go. Shouldn’t your barcode scanner be, too? An attachable scanner makes everything easier and more mobile - from retail POS, field service, inventory management, asset tracking and more.


(Learn more about the 800 Series DuraCase attachment - Empowering the Mobile Device Workforce with Socket Mobile DuraCase)  

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