Transforming Delivery Jobs: The Power of Camera-Based Barcode Scanning

May 25, 2023 by Macie Blakeman | BLOG


Camera-based barcode scanning technology is becoming increasingly popular within the delivery industry for its ability to quickly and accurately capture data. This innovation has the potential to revolutionize the way delivery companies operate, paving the way for more flexible employment models.

In this post, we’ll explore the advancements in camera-based barcode scanning and how the technology is transforming employment opportunities within the delivery industry.

Advancements in Camera-Based Barcode Scanning Technology

Camera-based barcode scanning has come a long way, with significant accuracy, speed, and device compatibility improvements. This technology lets users capture barcodes using their smartphone or tablet cameras, eliminating the need for dedicated scanning hardware. Additionally, the user experience has been enhanced through the development of intuitive scanning apps that make the process seamless and efficient. Combined with an easy-to-use mobile application, camera-based scanning technology enables more efficient and productive workflows for companies conducting delivery operations.

The capabilities of camera-scanning software, such as our SocketCam C820 and C860 Opens Worldwide Website (AU, EMEA, UK), are often overlooked but should not be underestimated. This is especially true for the delivery industry, as scanning requirements and environments can change quickly, even throughout a single work shift.

Examples of recently enhanced capabilities of camera scanning software:

  • Ability to scan ID documents (driver's licenses, passports, etc.) for proof of identity and for deliveries that need age verification
  • Capacity to scan multiple barcodes at once for quicker, more efficient data capture
  • Faster scanning speeds
  • Enhanced scanning in low-light conditions
  • Improved data capture when scanning from farther distances

With new, high-performance camera-based scanning software, delivery drivers are empowered to fill their scanning requirements and avoid common issues that arise while making deliveries.

How Camera-Based Scanning is Enabling Flexible Employment Models for Delivery Companies

The rise of camera-based barcode scanning has opened the door to more flexible employment models in the delivery sector. The technology enables delivery companies to be more scalable and adaptable while also providing employees with benefits that are hard to overlook.

Benefits of Integrating Camera-Based Scanning for Delivery Companies:

  1. Use of Personal Devices: Camera-based barcode scanning allows for the use of personal smartphones or tablets, eliminating the need for specialized equipment. The use of personal devices makes it easier for companies to hire independent contractors or part-time workers, reducing overhead costs and making it easier to scale the workforce up or down to meet fluctuating demands.
  2. Remote Onboarding and Training: The user-friendly nature of camera-based scanning apps can simplify training processes, making it possible to onboard employees remotely. Remote training provides the opportunity to expand the potential workforce by including individuals who can't attend in-person training sessions and by allowing for hiring across a broader geographic range.
  3. Flexible Work Schedules: With the ability to use personal devices, workers can potentially manage deliveries according to their own schedules, within limits set by the company. Allowing employees to adjust their work schedules to better fit their personal lives could make the job more attractive to those seeking part-time, gig, or flexible employment.
  4. Expanded Work Opportunities: For those who don't have access to traditional transportation methods, camera-based barcode scanning on personal devices could open up possibilities for bicycle or pedestrian delivery jobs in urban areas.
  5. Real-Time Tracking and Accountability: Barcode scanning can provide real-time updates, allowing for more efficient workforce management. It offers proof of delivery, enhances route planning, and can even contribute to performance-based pay models.

Finding Success within the Ever-Evolving Delivery Industry

The emergence of camera-based barcode scanning technology is paving the way for a significant transformation in the delivery industry's employment models. The technology is revolutionizing the way delivery companies operate, enabling more flexible employment models and improving overall efficiency. As the industry continues to evolve, companies leveraging camera-based scanning will be better positioned to meet fluctuating demand and empower their workforce, positioning themselves for success in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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