Why Choose a Socket Mobile Scanner

December 6, 2016 by Socket Mobile | BLOG

Barcode scanners come in numerous sizes, forms and from many different manufacturers. Large, small, varied colors, attachable and with Bluetooth® wireless technology - with so many scanners to choose from, how does a customer make the right choice? How do you know that you’re making the right investment? It is Socket Mobile’s goal, to offer customers the convenience and performance in a barcode scanner that other barcode scanner manufacturers just don’t offer. So, if you’re wondering what Socket Mobile scanners can do for you and your company, refer to the below list of reasons and see what Socket Mobile offers that few others can.

Ergonomic – Barcode scanners are molded to fit the shape of a human hand for ultimate comfort, Socket Mobile’s scanners are designed for an improved holding and carrying experience while you work.

Bluetooth Connectivity – With no cords or wires to hold down the user and easy integration with most mPOS systems, Bluetooth connectivity is such a valuable asset for workers whose environments are mobile.

Cost Effective – With all of the additional features and benefits that Socket Mobile’s scanners offer, finding a better price for the quality of the product is hard to beat.

Simplifies and Enhances Industrial, Warehouse and POS Systems – Providing enhanced application interaction with all Socket Mobile data collection products, Socket Mobile’s barcode scanners integrate seamlessly into your unique business environment.

Developer Program/SDK – The Socket Mobile Developer Program is designed to assist and foster innovation among developers who embed support for Socket Mobile Products into their applications.

Reputation and Brand Awareness with Customers and Mobile Developers – Socket Mobile has established a solid reputation of reliability with customers and mobile developers.

Colorful Scanners – Socket Mobile is one of the first companies to offer barcode scanners that come in a variety of colors, making Socket Mobile scanners easier to locate, designate to individuals, add individuality to your store or business, etc.

Intuitive Lights, Tunes and Vibrations –  Users shouldn’t have to guess whether their scanner is low on battery, has Bluetooth connection, or charging. The use of colorful LED lights lets Socket Mobile’s scanners communicate in ways few other scanners can. When a user is feeding massive amounts of information to their scanner, it is comforting to know that the scanner has the ability to share some information back.

Antimicrobial Material – Barcode scanners are used in industries that either easily dirty the scanners (logistics) or require sterile tools (medical field) while working. All Socket Mobile scanners are manufactured with antimicrobial outer casings to cover the diverse environments and industries our scanners are used in.

GPAT Certification – Socket Mobile’s ergonomic design and user interfaces meet the Section 508 Rehabilitation Act requirements for individuals with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities.

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