Why Developers Choose Socket Mobile

June 8, 2017 by Socket Mobile | DEV COMMUNITY UPDATES

Developers choose a product based on that product’s abilities, hoping that the Software Development Kit (SDK) will complement their program. If the hardware works well with the Developer’s application, then we have the makings of a beautiful friendship.

Socket Mobile offers products with unique form factors: Bluetooth connectivity, ergonomic design and colorful selections, one-handed solutions with attachable barcode scanners, and a high durability rating (IP54) for the durable series. Developers come to Socket Mobile because of our products. They develop an integrative relationship with us because of Socket Mobile's CaptureSDK. The CaptureSDK fills many intangible gaps:

  • Public Samples on GitHub – We provide programs showing how to use the Socket Mobile SDK for all platforms on GITHub.com/socketmobile and the programs do not require any subscription to download. The programs are open to the public and only require subscriptions for rebuilding.
  • Developer Support - Developers have commended us on our fast and thorough support. Trying to meet as many developers as we can, we feel hearing directly from them is important and helpful. Using their efforts to guide Socket Mobile's SDK releases and direction, Socket Mobile reflects the needs we see coming from our development community. Additionally, we try to visit as many developers as we can either at their site, or at various shows and conferences (like NRF, CES, or RTBE).
  • Members of Apple (iOS), Android and Windows Beta Programs - As part of these early release programs, we are informed on what’s developing and attend the developer conferences as much as possible.
  • Members of the Bluetooth SIG -  Socket Mobile believes it is imperative to stay well-informed of what is happening with Bluetooth, which is why we maintain a membership with Bluetooth SIG.
  • Members of the NFC Forum - Socket Mobile believes it is imperative to stay well-informed of what is happening with NFC, which is why we maintain a membership with the NFC Forum.
  • Quality and Easy to Use SDK - We work hard to support the major mobile development platforms, keeping the SDK well maintained, so our developers’ implementations have room to grow.
  • One SDK Supports All – One of Socket Mobile’s goals is to simplify developments, providing one SDK that supports all of Socket Mobile's products.  
  • Fast Software Updates – CaptureSDK includes model and operating system changes that are quick and timely.
  • Features for Developers’ Customers -  Socket Mobile provides hardware with numerous customizable features and capabilities to fully tune the scanner for any environment, customer or application.
  • Product Selections – Socket Mobile provides a broad range of products because we recognize that every Developer and every customer has different needs for us to meet.
  • Networking and Endorsing Developers – Socket Mobile networks within segments of our markets (such as mPOS) with strong endorsements from leading registered developers.
  • Apple MFI Certification - Apple certification allows us to take full advantage of everything the iOS platforms have to offer and can open doors where Apple compliance is a key factor.


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