D600 Loyalty Card

Commercial Services –
Companies of service for inspections and event management (pest control, work order management, utilities monitoring, equipment management, meter reading, inventory management).


The Objective

Commercial services are comprised of managing the safety of facilities of hospitality or offices. Inspections of buildings' alarms, management of utilities and control of pests are all intended to keep patrons happy and healthy at play, and workers safe and sufficient on the job. 

Building owners are obligated to provide secure facilities that meet safety codes for the welfare of either their patrons or employees. Regular inspections are carried out by scanning labels and codes on alarms and monitors, ensuring that the use of such detectors are maintaining a habitable environment for visitors and dwellers. 

Employees have their minds on their jobs and do not want to concern themselves with the safety of the building they work in. The hospitality industry is comprised of patrons whose expectations are to be as safe as they are at home.

In such a demanding field, taking proper steps to ensure individuals' security and satisfaction, as well as their return and referral, is crucial in keeping such businesses alive. Having the right equipment to ensure fast and efficient monitoring help keep employees and patrons happy. 

The Solution

Give your employees and guests peace of mind with the use of Socket Mobile’s barcode scanners. Whether your business is an office or entertainment facility, Socket Mobile offers a variety of mobile solutions with our Series 7, DuraScan™ and SocketScan® series with DuraCase products.

You can capture data and deliver solutions with the ease of a click of a button. Socket Mobile barcode scanners are fast and reliable, as well as easy to use. The simplicity of the devices also speeds along the training of new employees. Efficiency is key, and Socket Mobile’s devices help along the dependability and speed of the process.

As a manager or owner, ease your own mind with more durable and customizable equipment for your employees. Help reduce your paper clutter with Socket Mobile’s handheld scanners to minimize the workload and relieve staff. Happy, healthy workers create a pleasant environment for your customers’ improved experience and return visits.

Barcode Scanning and NFC Advantages 

  • Authenticate presence for loyalty programs
  • Checking in tickets for events
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  • Read our success story on the ORM Event


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