Shelly slips her 800 series barcode scanner into her pocket. As she walks to the other side of the warehouse, she attempts to pull it back out from her pocket, but fumbles the device between her fingers. The scanner falls to the floor, leaving a crack on the side. Shelly sighs. The device isn’t cheap. Without her scanner, she can’t work. And, if she can’t work, her customers will become unhappy and employees will become disgruntled with impatient customers.

What is Shelly supposed to do? Or rather, what should she have done in the first place?

Shelly invests in a FlexGuard sleeve to protect her 800 series barcode scanner. Easily slipped on, the FlexGuard’s durable and washable silicone protect the scanner from any future drops from Shelly. Butter fingers that she is, the next time the 800 series drops, it bounces off of concrete and dirt. Luckily, Shelly can easily remove the sleeve for cleaning and replace it on the scanner afterward. Both the scanner and FlexGuard remain unharmed.