How Barcode Scanners Benefit Patient Care

All hospital patients wear ID bracelets with barcodes. But often, these barcodes go underutilized. With a Socket Mobile solution, nurses can use scanners to gain mobile access to a patient’s records. This means that for a nurse starting the night shift, the job of getting informed as to the needs of new patients is easier. With just a single scan, a new nurse can see a patient’s allergies, their care schedule, medication needs, blood test results, and more. All of this without having to bother the patient.

Available Products

  • DuraScan D745 – 1D/2D universal barcode scanner specifically designed for healthcare environments. Built with medical-grade plastic and an IP54-rated environmental seal to protect the unit from dust, water, alcohol and other liquids.
  • DuraScan D755 – 1D/2D, PDF 417, OCR Fonts, DotCode reader optimized for healthcare. Built to the same high-durability standards of the D745, but with upgraded scanning capabilities.
  • Durable Retractable Clip – A tough clip created to last. If the job requires a tougher skin, then it probably requires a tougher clip for your scanner, too.
  • Holster – A convenient and secure resting place for Socket Mobile’s barcode scanner or RFID reader. 
  • Wrist Strap – Keep your barcode scanner or RFID reader within hands-reach and enjoy the ultimate convenience in multi-tasking while keeping the device at your fingertips.