Passport Character Reading with D760

The DuraScan D760 2D/1D barcode scanner and passport reader with Bluetooth® wireless technology is built strong and versatile for travel and point of sale industries. Scanning 2D/1D barcodes, travel identifications and MRZ/passports, travel merchants need only one device to scan the purchased items and the passport. The scanner’s IP54-rating withstands dust and water splashes, and is ruggedized for drop protection. Its antimicrobial material is easy to clean, with an ergonomic design and light weight, fitting comfortably in hand for all day use. 

Luke is browsing a gift shop while he waits for his plane to call for boarding. He finally finds the perfect gift for a friend back home, but he’s short on cash and time. He needs the duty-free sale to stay within his budget, but worries the process of scanning his passport and merchandise at the counter will take too long.

Seeing a fellow customer go up and pay for their items so quickly intrigues Luke. He takes his gift to the counter, watches as the vendor scans both his intended gift and identification in a flash with one scanner – the Socket Mobile D760. Luke’s made his purchase quick enough to reach his departure gate before boarding.


Passport Character Reading with S860

The SocketScan S860 is a high-performance 2D/1D barcode scanner and passport reader with Bluetooth® wireless technology, versatile for travel. Attachable to smartphones, as one of the smallest and lightest scanners. Enable one‐handed scanning of barcodes printed or on device screens, travel identifications and MRZ/passports, combining two scanning devices into one – barcode and passport reader.

Running an airport kiosk, Joanne’s customers naturally want duty-free purchases as they provide their passport at the counter. Tired of the old two-step, two-device process of scanning IDs and then the product’s barcode, Joanne upgrades to Socket Mobile’s S860 – an attachable barcode scanner and passport reader in one.

With just one device, Joanne’s process speeds along, giving on-the-go customers a fast purchasing experience. Customers are happier to be in and out of the shop at such a fast pace, giving vendors more possible sales.