SocketScan 700 Series Colorful Barcode Scanners

The SocketScan barcode scanner series with Bluetooth wireless technology has a light-weight, ergonomic structure, and a long-lasting battery to withstand entire work days. The lights for battery, Bluetooth and scanning notifications make the scanner more intuitive to use. Compatible with all applications in previous Socket Mobile barcode scanners, without software changes.

This scanner is ideal for retail POS, field service, inventory management, asset tracking and more. Use our Companion App for easy set up and configuration.

Ramon and Jacky can’t keep track of whose barcode scanner is whose.

To make matters worse, they are also in the habit of misplacing their scanners. Grey concrete and brown boxes are neutral colors that blend in together. Nothing makes their grey scanners stand out in a crowded warehouse. 

SocketScan provides a vibrant selection of colors, allowing users to not only easily spot their tools, but to also customize their devices to match their brand. 

When Ramon puts his red scanner down on the crate, turns around and walks across the room, he can spot his scarlet scanner in the semi distance when he heads back to his station. Ramon is no longer reaching for Jacky’s scanner on the nearest table because hers is blue.