First, make sure scanner is working properly

  1. Check battery and see if it is adequately charged. The battery LED light should be solid green.
  2. Make sure scanner works properly when paired in HID mode.
  3. If you are not sure about whether your scanner is in HID mode or not, scan the following barcode for factory reset and then try step 2 again (you will need to power scanner back on after factory reset).

Windows Troubleshooting Barcode

Note that if you use a laser scanner such as S730 or D730, you will need to scan all the barcodes on paper, instead of screen.

For more device related issues, check out our main troubleshooting page.

If this is the first time you tried to connect the scanner

  1. Make sure both barcodes are scanned successfully. You should hear three low-high tone beeps after each scan.
  2. Make sure scanner is connected in Windows Bluetooth Settings.
    • After scanning the two barcodes, and pairing the scanner in Windows Bluetooth Settings, the scanner status should be "connected". If its status appears to be alternating between "paired" and "connected", reboot your computer and try again.

connect device

  1. If scanner shows up as connected in Windows Bluetooth Settings, and you heard a beep, exit Companion app by right click the Companion tray icon, and then relaunch it.
  2. If scanner still not connect, contact support 

If your scanner was connected before, but it cannot be connected now

  1. If you hear a beep when log back in Windows, but scanner appears to be disconnected, exit Companion app by right click the Companion tray icon, and then relaunch it.
  2. Scanner cannot be connected after long sleep or Windows shut down. Try power cycle scanner, see if it can be connected. If this does not fix the issue, power off the scanner. Reboot the computer, and power scanner back on.
  3. In rare occasions that none of the steps helped you solve the connection issue, you should try remove scanner from Windows Bluetooth Settings, then remove COM 48 from the COM Ports tab of the Bluetooth Settings dialog (you can bring up the dialog by clicking “More Bluetooth Options” in the Bluetooth & Other Device Settings. Reboot your computer after removing the COM Port, and then try following the normal steps again.

Tips for maintaining scanner connection

  • It’s better to turn off scanner before you reboot computer, shut down computer, turn off Bluetooth or leave scanner idle for over 20 minutes.
  • Keep scanner properly charged