SocketCare Overview

More Choices to Meet Your Scanning Needs
Choose which SocketCare Extended Warranty plan best meets your needs by selecting the term of extended coverage and those services that best support your scanning and business operation.

Choose from Two Extended Coverage Terms
Socket Mobile scanners come with a one-year limited warranty. Extend the limited warranty on your scanner up to three years from date of purchase with SocketCare 3-Year Extended Warranty coverage, or up to five years from date of purchase with SocketCare 5-Year Extended Warranty coverage. SocketCare Extended Warranty plans receive faster repair/replace service turnaround compared to our standard warranty.

Extended Warranty with One-Time Accidental Coverage
Accidents can happen.  With One-Time Accidental coverage you are covered for the 3-year or 5-year term of the extended warranty for one instance of damage to your scanner that is not attributable to manufacturing or workmanship defects during normal use. A service fee based on the scanner model applies when making an accidental coverage claim. 

Premium Extended Warranty Coverage
Maximize your coverage and services with both the Express Replacement and One-Time Accidental coverage features by choosing the Premium Extended Warranty coverage in 3-year or 5-year coverage plans.

Products Covered Under SocketCare Extended Warranty Plans and Service Options
Scanner models covered under the SocketCare Extended Warranty plans and services include the SocketScan 700 Series and 800 Series, and DuraScan 600 Series and 700 Series models as follows:

  • SocketScan
    • 700 Series:  models S700, S730, S740, S760
    • 800 Series:  models S800, S840, S860
  • DuraScan
    • 600 Series:  model D600
    • 700 Series:  models D700, D730, D740, D745, D750, D755, D760
    • 800 Series: models D800, D840, D860
  • DuraSled
    • Models DS800, DS840, DS860
  • Contactless
    • Models S550, D600

Feature Comparison of SocketCare and SocketCare Extended Warranty Plans and Services
View in greater detail the features and services under each SocketCare Extended Warranty plan by clicking here.

SocketCare Extended Warranty Pricing Comparison
Pricing of SocketCare Extended Warranty plans are individualized to each scanner model and choice of services. Click here to view a comparison of the plan pricing by model, extended warranty term and plan.