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NEW! SocketCam™ – Software-Based Barcode Scanners

Socket Mobile introduces the SocketCam C820, integrated software-based scanning for smartphones and tablets.

The C820 is the first addition to the brand new SocketCam family. Built directly into CaptureSDK, users can now scan directly into your feature application using the camera on their mobile device, ensuring high-performance scanning without the need for an external barcode scanner.


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Why CaptureSDKTM

Optimize your application and provide customers with a highly positive and productive work experience by controlling your workflow and eliminating mistakes. Barcode scanning offers the advantage of contactless interaction. Here are just a few of our barcode and contactless scanner advantages:

Unmatched performance

Unmatched Performance

Fulfill your promise to your customers. Provide dependable tools that get the job done with fast, accurate scans. 

Unrivaled Experience

Unrivaled Experience

Common scanning difficulties are all but eliminated, ensuring your customers receive nothing less than a positive and effortless experience. Our SDK has been integrated with thousands of mobile apps.

Maximum Reliable

Maximum Reliability

All our scanners come with native support ensuring your solution is compatible with all future platform updates (iOS, Android, Windows, Web). Choose from a wide range of tools and development environments that fit your needs.

Development Environment

Seamless integration with your app to achieve optimal performance and peak efficiency. Deliver a more competitive app with software tools that are easy to use, including helpful sample apps. Our iOS SDK's support a hardware free scanning capability utilizing the camera built into the phone device. Using the built in camera allows your users to start scanning as soon as they download your application.

Maximize Your Development Impact

Integrate Socket Mobile’s entire family of barcode scanning solutions directly into your app with a single development cycle. Enable customers to select the best product their particular scenario, including camera-based scanning (iOS only).

Native Barcode / NFC Reading

Web Support

Framework Support