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Why CaptureSDK

Socket Mobile's CaptureSDK has been integrated with thousands of applications worldwide and provides quick, reliable, and consistent data capture performance. CaptureSDK enables applications to efficiently capture data in the physical world and utilize it in-app to maximize the efficiency of the application and increase the overall productivity of the end-users. Integration can be completed in less than a day and, for some, in under 30 minutes! And, if you run into issues, our world-class support team is standing by to help you along the way.

A single integration of CaptureSDK provides access to Socket Mobile's entire portfolio of products. This allows application providers the flexibility to service all their customer's data capture needs. Users can interchange or upgrade devices as needed without requiring a revision to the app, giving both you and your users complete freedom throughout the data capture journey.

Socket Mobile removes the complexities of data capture, providing a seamless, simple, and effective solution for delivering data to the application. CaptureSDK simplifies the data capture process and gives you all the tools you need to increase the data capture performance of your application. By taking care of all the low-level data processing for you and quickly delivering that data in a usable format to the application, your app with CaptureSDK helps increase the end-user's data capture accuracy, efficiency, and overall productivity.

Get started immediately. With our SocketCam C820 camera-based scanner included, you don't need to purchase a hardware scanner to begin testing out CaptureSDK's capabilities. The C820 is free and utilizes the camera in the user's mobile device to act as a general-purpose barcode scanner. Directly integrated into CaptureSDK, SocketCam gives you a free data capture interface for app development testing. SocketCam's user-friendly 1D/2D barcode scanning is also available to your app users at no cost.

Deliver a more competitive app with CaptureSDK's extensive, easy-to-use development tools. With one seamless integration, you'll have access to a comprehensive development environment to build applications for optimal performance and peak efficiency.

Integration with CaptureSDK is as easy and flexible as you need it to be and you don't need to integrate with multiple SDKs to support your end users' disparate needs. With CaptureSDK, you get free camera-based scanning along with support for our entire line of dedicated hardware readers for your end users with the most demanding data capture needs. Whether using a high-level framework like Flutter, or native CocoaPods, we offer the tools and flexibility to support you regardless of how you wish to get started.

We didn't stop at the ease of integration. As operating systems evolve—and when it comes to upgrading to the latest versions of CaptureSDK—the process is simple and painless for developers, and in most cases, there's no need to revise the application. Of course, if you wish to go back to previous versions of CaptureSDK, you can freely do that as well with the same simple process. We are always happy to provide the support you need along the way.

CaptureSDK is an unrivaled, all-in-one scanning solution that provides unmatched performance, maximum reliability, and an effortless user experience. Get started today and maximize the abilities of your application.

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Still Using ScanAPI SDK (SocketScan10)?

Discover the benefits of CaptureSDK, the quickest way to add robust, professional-grade barcode scanning to any iOS, Android or Windows app.

  • Built and compatible with the latest version of the platform OS’s.
  • Supports all SocketMobile data capture devices.
  • Downloadable from public repositories (Cocoapods, Maven, NuGet) using your favorite development tools.
  • Simplifies the communication between your application and data reader.
  • Offers peace of mind that your application is being run using our flagship set of tools.
  • Samples in Github Opens New Window for most popular platforms (contact us if you are looking for something else!)
  • Free camera-based barcode scanning with SocketCam built in.

Discover the Power of CaptureSDK

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