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Mobile Data Capture for Business Applications

From Fast and Free to Advanced—
Accurate Data Delivered To Your App

Empower your apps and users with fast, reliable data capture. Starting with our free camera barcode scanner, users can seamlessly upgrade to our Pro camera scanner or our extensive range of dedicated hardware barcode or NFC readers as needs evolve.

One-time CaptureSDK integration gives you access to:

  • Free Mobile Camera Scanning
  • Enhanced Damaged Barcode Scanning
  • Dedicated High-Performance Hardware Readers

The Full Spectrum of Data Capture at Your Fingertips

Every scan is fast, precise, and error-free—ensuring highly consistent and productive data capture efficiency.

Integrating Socket Mobile into your app gives users easy access to all their data capture needs. Users get support for basic camera scanning at no cost, access to enhanced camera scanning for damaged or hard-to-read barcodes, and easy transition to our hardware scanners designed for heavy use in the most demanding environments.


Business Applications

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Corporate Deployments


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Benefits of Integrating CaptureSDK Into Your App

Product Managers

Optimize your applications. Control the workflow and ensure end-users have a highly positive and productive experience.

  • Improved Performance - Fulfill your promise to your customers by providing dependable tools that get the job done.

  • Unrivaled Experience - Prevent common scanning difficulties ensuring your customers have a positive and effortless experience.

  • Maximum Reliability - Native support ensures your solution is compatible with future iOS upgrades.

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Build simple and seamless integration with your apps to achieve optimal performance and peak efficiency.

  • Easy Integration - Develop unmatched application performance with feature-rich SDK tools.

  • Test Applications - Execute new solutions with mini app samples and sample codes available for mobile developers.

  • Developer Environment - Join developer environments such as Maven, Cocoa Pods and more.

  • Enhanced Support - Join the Developer Program for access to SDK and MFi certification. Enhance application interaction with all Socket Mobile data collection products.

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Achieve effortless and error-free data collection that gives you more time with your customers.

  • Easy Set Up - Set-up easily with instant support for your pos system, right out of the box.

  • More Time with Customers - Provide better customer service with fast, reliable scanning.

  • Endless Comfort - Work with ergonomically molded barcode scanners that fit comfortably in your hand and are intended for long-term use.

  • Modern Styles - Display classy, high-tech scanner designs that complement the style of your workspace.

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ISO 9001 Accreditation

Socket Mobile Inc. is ISO 9001 certified. Third-party auditors found that that Socket Mobile adheres to the quality management principles of the ISO, ensuring that our products and services consistently satisfy the requirements of both our customers and regulatory organizations.

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ANAB Accredited