Industrial & Manufacturing – 
Process control and all forms of manufacturing, including quality control, auditing, process control, asset tracking. 

The Objective

The backbone of a business is in the warehouse and distribution workers - physically moving products, tracking and handling merchandise before a consumer lays eyes on them can be a difficult and time-consuming set of responsibilities. Plenty of miscalculations on deliveries and stocking are easily made without the use of a secure and dependable tracking system.

The Solution

With data capture and delivery solutions, Socket Mobile’s barcode scanners aid the management system of warehouses with real-time reflections of inventory and orders, enabling a constant connection to corporate networks. Companies like Eby-Brown maintain their warehouses with the use of Socket Mobile Bluetooth barcode scanners keeping track of inventory.  

Using Socket Mobile’s barcode readers alongside their iPad Mini Application, Eby-Brown tracks their inventory in-house. As a leading whole seller for the convenience industry, Eby-Brown delivers solutions to retailers and distributors of all sizes. Helping other businesses grow is a big job, but that’s what Socket Mobile helps do.  

The jobs in a warehouse are physically demanding. The coordination of the details of a business’ deliveries and stocking can be back-breaking and headache-inducing. Socket Mobile’s scanning solutions lighten that workload and stress just a little bit.

Barcode Scanning and NFC Advantages:

  • Update orders and inventory immediately
  • Access inventory status throughout supply chain
  • Access up-to-date reports and databases anytime, anywhere
  • Minimize overstocking and inventory misplacement
  • Reduce paper usage with automated processes
  • Provide safety checks for packages, deliveries


  • Tracking & Transport
  • Field Service
  • Inventory
  • Operations Management


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