Barcode Scanning API for iOS and Android

Join 1000+ developers who chose Capture SDK for easy to integrate, professional-grade barcode scanning.

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Capture SDK is freely available for download from Cocoapods, our Maven repository and NuGet.

Key Features



Most scanners only support HID Mode, which sends data one letter at a time. It can be slow and even worse, it can be inaccurate. Capture SDK transfers data in large chunks, making it both fast and accurate.



From changing device settings to customizing your apps workflow, our SDK offers ultimate control over the scanner and scanning activity.



Be it iOS, Android, or Windows, we support a wide range of modern platforms, as well as popular development environments, such as Xamarin.

Additional Benefits

  • Fast, accurate scan
  • Monitor device connection status
  • Trigger scanning events programmatically
  • Facilitate user workflow with scan event notification
  • Allow data processing and validation at scan time
  • Configure sound and vibration for specific tasks
  • Access battery information
  • Enable/disable specific barcode types
  • Register a device and check warranty


Powerful, Reliable SDK Trusted by Thousands of Developers

  • 25 years of experience and a reputation for quality hardware and software
  • Market leader of Bluetooth data capture devices
  • Strong development support
  • Proven quality with thousands of developers, mobile apps and 1 million+ customers
  • No subscription required (nominal, one-time fee for registration)
  • Available on iOS, Android and Windows
  • Support popular development frameworks
  • Native support for more platforms/frameworks will be added in the future


How long does it take to integrate the Capture SDK?


We asked a developer with minimal prior experience using our SDK to create a stock counting app to find out.

Following our specs, from “File > New project” to App Store submission took less than 160 billable hours and integrating the SDK took less than 20 hours. We brought the App to Pasatiempo Golf Club as a demonstration, proving to have much success.

You can find the Stock Count App at the Apple® App Store. We also published the source code on Github. Check it out and customize it to fit your own business needs!

Read the success story

RFID and NFC Reader (BETA)


Be involved in early beta testing for the S550 Token Exchange.

The S550 Token Exchange  captures a cryptographically generated payload “token” from NFC-enabled devices (i.e. phone, smartwatch, payment card or fob) with a high level of trust, and passes this payload over Bluetooth to a tablet or PC that is running a connected application. It can read any HF (13.56 MHz) tag – from an RFID button to a Java Smart Card.

Learn more about the S550 Token Exchange with our preliminary data sheet.

To join our S550 Token Exchange beta, contact us at or +1 (800) 856-9387.