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Advanced development tools to create a high-performance, reliable data capture experience.

CaptureSDK: The one-stop solution for all your data capture requirements

Socket Mobile offers developers the resources and opportunities to enhance their applications with top-tier data capture capabilities. Explore the benefits of integrating with CaptureSDK and discover how to meet your users' data capture needs with one simple integration.

FREE Data Capture Testing with SocketCam Camera Scanning

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With our SocketCam C820 camera-based scanner included, you don't need to purchase a hardware scanner to begin testing out CaptureSDK's capabilities. The C820 is free and utilizes the camera in the user's mobile device to act as a general-purpose barcode scanner. Directly integrated into CaptureSDK, SocketCam gives you a free data capture interface for app development testing. SocketCam's user-friendly 1D/2D barcode scanning is also available to your app users at no cost.

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