Promote your Company with Customized Scanners

Do you have a close friend who likes to show off a little? Or perhaps you’re that close friend. Regardless, everybody knows someone who likes to add a little personal flair to their affairs. With Socket Mobile’s customization options, that means your barcode scanner can look distinctly yours, with custom coloration, logo and name. Perfect for large deployments.

Customizing Socket Mobile barcode scanners not only makes them easier to locate, but also provides an advertising opportunity with front-facing barcode scanner deployments, such as retail.

Product Customization Form

Available Products:

  • DuraScan D600:Dedicated NFC/Mifare reader/writer, durably designed and ideal for mobile operations.
  • DuraScan D700 Series: Barcode scanners specially designed for workers in rugged conditions with unique durability requirements. Options available for 1D, laser, 1D/2D, healthcare, MRZ and more.
  • SocketScan S700 Series: Sleek, high-performance barcode scanners. Lightweight and ergonomic, SocketScan models include options for 1D, laser, 1D/2D and MRZ scanning.

Applicable Industries:

  • Retail POS
  • Event Check-In/ Access Control
  • Shipping/ Delivery
  • Healthcare

Add Your Logo

In addition to color variation and series options, Socket Mobile customization allows companies to brand their devices by adding their own logos and/or name to Socket Mobile products. Customizing is co-branding, associating the trust value of the Socket Mobile name with that of your company: a win-win. (Socket Mobile Customization article)