Holster with Rotating Belt Clip

Workers in logistics, retail, check-in, hospitality and more rely on barcode scanners to accomplish their tasks. While these workers on the job, their trusty scanners are inseparable from them. But at some point, they’ll have to put that device down. Where can you put such a valuable instrument? Where will it be safe and easy to find when you need it again? The holster with rotating belt clip is the answer to these problems.

Socket Mobile’s holster with rotating belt clip provides both the security and accessibility that workers need when using their scanners or readers. With a holster, workers can clip their device to their belt to secure it in between uses. The result: a little much needed peace of mind. They can now perform their tasks with a bit more confidence, no longer worrying about their scanner falling out of a pocket or getting forgotten in some random spot.

Maximize hands-free capability with Socket Mobile’s holster – a convenient and secure resting place for your Socket Mobile barcode scanner or RFID reader.



Compatible Products:

  • SocketScan S700 Series: Sleek, high-performance barcode scanners. Lightweight and ergonomic, SocketScan models include options for 1D, laser, 1D/2D and MRZ scanning.
  • DuraScan D600: Dedicated NFC/Mifare reader/writer, durably designed and ideal for mobile operations.
  • DuraScan D700 Series: Barcode scanners specially designed for workers in rugged conditions with unique durability requirements. Options available for 1D, laser, 1D/2D, healthcare, MRZ and more.

Applicable Industries:

  • Manufacturing Shop Floor
  • Warehouse/ Distribution Center
  • Retail POS
  • Hospitality (dining, entertainment, etc.)
  • Shipping/ Delivery
  • Field Sales/ Service
  • Healthcare
  • Public Safety