Barcode Scanners for Fast Duty-Free

Airport retail is a complicated market. The audience is captive, with customers stuck in a limited area with very limited activities. But they also have strict time limitations, much more so than other shopping situations. In the case of some travelers, they may also be operating on a limited budget, trying to exhaust the last of their foreign currency before returning home. Duty-free sales are important to these customers, and a prime attraction of airport shopping. But know what else is a major attraction for customers? Their flights, which no deal is worth missing. This combination of circumstances makes airport retail a complicated market to leverage.

So, vendors have to be fast, something that Socket Mobile’s line of Ultimate Barcode Scanners makes easy. These 1D/2D/MRZ devices allow vendors to scan both travel documents and merchandise with one device. With the time saved, they improve upon sale opportunities with existing customers and create opportunities to attract new customers.

Compatible Products:

  • DuraScan D760: Ergonomic, highly durable device. IP54-rated casing for resistance to dust, water and other liquids. Scans 1D, 2D, MRS/passports and more.
  • DuraScan D860: Compact, powerful and durable barcode scanners. Little larger than a credit card, this scanner is attachable to mobile devices to create a versatile one-handed solution. Reads 1D, 2D, MRZ/passports and more.
  • DuraSled DS860: Barcode scanning sled that is attachable to smart devices to create a powerful one-handed solution. Reads 1D, 2D, MRZ/passports and more. Compatible with Apple iPhones, iPods and Samsung Galaxy X Cover Pros.
  • SocketScan S860: Universal imager barcode scanner that reads 1D/2D, MRZ/passport and more. Just as compact and convenient as its lower-denomination siblings, designed to meet the needs of the travel industry.