Leverage Tap-and-Go with Contactless Readers

Socket Mobile's line of contactless readers are membership card / wallet reader/writers designed to facilitate tap-and-go smart card and NFC applications. This makes it the perfect choice for businesses looking to implement loyalty cards, tap-and-go POS capabilities, or membership services.

When members enter a facility, such as a gym, all they have to do to check-in is tap their membership card to the top of the countertop reader. Alternatively, the member could store their pass in their mobile device’s wallet and simply tap their phone for access. The user’s application, such as Socket Mobile’s Nice 2CU, then acknowledges the pass in either the positive or negative. If the member has an issue with their account, or other problem limiting their access to the facility, they are directed to speak with a staff member. If the member’s account is in order, the app greets them. In addition to facilitating entrance, the reader's application serves as a database to track member information, potentially offering valuable insight.

With a long-lasting battery and long-range Bluetooth connectivity, the S550 is a powerful, versatile hub for tap-and-go operations. The S550 is both Google Wallet and Apple Pay VAS (value-added service) certified. It complies with both Google and Apple NFC protocol on Android and iPhone devices, making it easy to implement.

Applicable Industries:

  • Event Check-In/ Access Control
  • Self-Service Stations
  • Hospitality (dining, entertainment, etc.)