Naming Conventions

How the Names of Our Scanners and Readers Apply to You

Each character in our data reader names holds a specific significance on that device's features, assets, and performance. Understanding the code behind the letters and numbers will help you identify valuable product information, which will help you select the data capture solution best suited for your needs.


Each product name starts with a letter referring to the device style. Each product style benefits specific industries or work environments, and finding the style best suited for your particular needs will ensure a more productive operation.


SocketScan S700 - 1D Linear Barcode Scanner



  • Indoor type devices



  • Outside devices that are rugged and weatherproof



  • A case type device that supports an iPhone or XCover Pro and is extra durable



  • Uses the camera in your mobile device (usually a phone)



  • Hands-free, wearable scanning device

First Number

The first number in the product name sequence denotes the device's physical form factor (shape). The reader shape determines which series the product belongs to, as multiple products hold the same form factor within a series that contribute to different scanning capabilities. Our products are classified by series, each with distinguishing characteristics best suited for varying use cases and work environments.


SocketScan S700 - 1D Linear Barcode Scanner

300 Series

Large countertop drum

S550 Contactless Reader/Writer main image
500 Series

Small countertop drum

Main view of Point of sale barcode scanner in Green
700 Series

Handheld (or companion) reader designed for comfort

800 Series

Flat scanner designed to be attached/integrated to a phone or tablet

900 Series

Wearable reader designed to attach to person or clothing

Last 2 Numbers

The last two numbers in the product name help identify engine capabilities and case material. Engine capabilities can range from 1D or 2D barcode reading, scanning distance, NFC reading or Bluetooth barcode scanning (or both), and more. In some instances, the numbers can also determine case materials, such as specialized medical grade casing needed in healthcare environments.


SocketScan S700 - 1D Linear Barcode Scanner

# Engine Capability and Case Material
00 Linear 1D entry level
20 Linear 1D entry level plus a limited set of 2D codes
30 Laser 1D scanner, long range (1.5M), easier aiming, faster
40 Universal 2D scanner
45 Universal 2D scanner in medical grade case
50 NFC reader/writer
60 Specialty 2D scanner, reads smaller barcodes, specialty barcodes, fastest reader
65 Specialty 2D scanner, in medical grade case
70 Combo NFC and limited 2D codes
90 Highly specialized direct part marking reader (not currently available)

Guaranteed Compatibility

The SocketScan and DuraScan 700s & 800s have guaranteed scanning and software compatibility. Check out our step-by-step guide to integrate into your application today.

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