Benefits of SocketCam Software-Based Barcode Scanners

SocketCam scanners are built into Socket Mobile’s CaptureSDK. Integrating CaptureSDK into your app gives your customers all the benefits of Socket Mobile barcode scanning performance without having to purchase additional hardware or requiring you to invest in costly app updates when they need to expand their data capture capabilities

Not confident that SocketCam scanners are for you? Take a look at these additional benefits...

As the leading Bluetooth barcode scanner provider for mobile devices, one of our strengths comes from our unified SDK. With one integration, customers can use all their Socket Mobile devices, including 1D, 2D and laser barcode scanners, along with our latest NFC/RFID reader/writers.

And now, our unified SDK has expanded to include an entire family of SocketCam camera-based scanning products.

With the same single integration, customers can start using their camera for quick barcode read, no external devices needed, and no licensing fees to you or your customers. As their business and barcode scanning needs grow, they can pick up any Socket Mobile barcode scanner of their choice, with no extra effort from the app developers.

Capture SDK has always been free. Now you have the benefit of a free camera-based barcode scanning solution. No extra device is required, and it is available on both Android and iOS.

With more features coming soon, your customers will have the option to upgrade for more advanced solutions or dedicated data capture readers, with no additional application development required.

Our SDK has been adopted by over 1000 mobile apps from companies small and large, including Shopify, Square, PayPal, Vend, Verizon, Apple, Building Reports, etc.

Capture SDK is simple to integrate and supports a wide range of popular development environments. You will have access to the SDK and sample apps from public repositories, and our documentation is publicly available. Our trustworthy engineering team responds quickly to development inquiries and troubleshooting requests, regardless of whether you're a large corporation or a one-person shop.

The SocketCam family uses the camera on the customers' iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android-based phones or tablets to read barcodes and does not require any additional hardware.

The SocketCam C820 is extremely user friendly and enables developers and product managers to have an easy automatic data capture onboarding process, eliminating the burden of what otherwise might be lengthy and technical onboarding.

With the addition of the SocketCam C820, customers have a FREE camera-based scanning option to test initial data capture needs and will have the option to upgrade as their business grows.

Smart devices are already readily available for most and can travel anywhere, allowing scanning on the go without having to carry a separate physical scanner.

If a network is not readily available, you have the ability to store the barcodes in your mobile device for later use.

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More Features Coming Soon

The SocketCam C820 is the first camera-based scanning product featured within Socket Mobile’s new SocketCam product family. This first version is always free for users and offers basic, quick, and reliable 1D and 2D scanning capabilities. However, we will soon be adding subscription based, upgraded versions to the SocketCam family that will feature:

  • Capabilities to scan more barcode types
  • Enhanced capture for diverse lighting conditions
  • Faster scanning speeds

The SocketCam family will only grow bigger and better, and the C820 is just the first level of what is to come for camera-based scanning technology.

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