XtremeScan Industrial-Grade Data Readers

Rugged, user-friendly data capture solutions for extreme environments.

Extreme Durability Meets High-Performance Barcode Scanning

XtremeScan provides the ultimate blend of performance, durability, and convenience for industries that require military-grade data capture solutions:

Three Versatile Configurations to Power Your Industry

The XtremeScan family offers three data capture configurations: a camera-based data capture solution, a high-performance scanning module-based solution, and a combined solution featuring both high-performance scanning and a pistol grip. Providing industrial options tailored to diverse scanning needs, XtremeScan delivers superior durability and support.

Unlock the Power of your iPhone

Combining advanced data capture functionality with easy-to-use mobile devices, you get an all-in-one industrial-grade scanning solution.

  • Streamline operations with trusted, user-friendly iOS applications
  • Configure your solution exactly as your workflow requires
  • Safeguard your device and leverage powerful scanning capabilities

Unmatched iPhone Protection in Every Environment

The XtremeScan family sets itself apart due to its rugged casing and resilient data capture performance for every environment. XtremeScan is designed to work in and around:

  • Hard rain
  • Large, heavy equipment
  • Hard-Hat zones
  • Workplaces with dirt, grime, dust, or mud
  • Anywhere it's dropped, stepped on or even crushed

No matter how extreme your environment, XtremeScan gets the job done.

Ease of Integration with CaptureSDK

Application developers who wish to enable the XtremeScan family for their apps can do so through Socket Mobile's CaptureSDK. One integration allows app providers to offer any of Socket Mobile's data capture products interchangeably.