• My scanner is not holding a charge.

  • My host device cannot find the scanner.

  • When I try to scan, no data appears on my screen.

  • My scanner is no longer connected.

  • My scanner disconnects frequently, nearly every 10 minutes.

  • My scanner turns off randomly on its own.

  • I still can't connect my scanner.

  • The iPad's keyboard won't pop up.

  • My scanner won’t automatically scan barcodes.

  • Connecting Socket Mobile scanners in Application Mode for Android 8+

  • I can’t download or use the Companion app to pair. What do I do?

  • My Charging Dock/Charging Stand does not charge my scanner.

  • The scanner does not scan the whole barcode when we are scanning in the Safari, Chrome or Firefox web browser. Is there something wrong with my scanner?

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