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Fast, Reliable, and Easy to Use Barcode Scanners

Socket Mobile scanners are built to perform flawlessly with your app in every environment. Fast, reliable, and easy to use, Socket Mobile scanners offer attractive options that make them perfect for every setting and application. Colorful, cool and ergonomic for retail; durable and rugged for commercial, manufacturing, logistics and healthcare. Most important of all: they just work.

SocketScan® 700 Series

Handheld Bluetooth barcode scanner– linear, laser, and universal. Perfect for POS, Inventory and Logistics applications.
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DuraScan® 600 Series

Built for track and trace in harsh environments, outdoor retail and maintenance, but stylish enough for boutique use.
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D600 Loyalty Card

DuraScan® 700 Series

Handheld Bluetooth barcode scanners. Built tough with antimicrobial IP54-rated casing to withstand drops, dirt, and water splashes.
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Socketscan® 800 Series

Bluetooth barcode scanner attaches to your smartphone while remaining small, thin and easy to use.
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