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Transportation Solutions for Automotive

Automobile is one of those words that simply says what it means; “auto” for self, “mobile” for mobility. The automobile was designed to enhance freedom of movement, and to this day that’s the focus of the automobile industry: to keep people moving, getting from A to B with freedom and control.

To accomplish this goal, the automotive industry needs equipment that keeps their work moving just as freely. That’s where Socket Mobile’s data capture and delivery solutions come into play. Our barcode scanners and RFID/NFC readers and writers make work more efficient and more accurate, allowing the automobile industry to focus on what it does best.

The Solution

Socket Mobile’s barcode scanners and RFID readers are intended to keep the fluidity of a day on the job by improving efficiency and minimizing errors in everyday operations. Just point and click your Socket Mobile barcode scanner or RFID reader with Bluetooth® wireless technology for instant data capture.

"Socket barcode scanners can instantly and accurately capture a vehicle's VIN code. It makes a dealer's job easier and improves a customer's experience."-- Charlie Vogelheim, editor, Kelley Blue Book

All of Socket Mobile’s scanners and readers have their perks, but the DuraScan models were built just as tough as automotive workers – withstanding dirt, falls, and moisture to get the job done.

Whether it is on the production line, an auction, dealership, or even in the parts, services, and maintenance department, Socket Mobile offers solutions that will help keep your auto business revving with increased energy and speed. You can’t race to the finish line unless you have the proper engineering under your hood. Keep your business running smoothly with the help of Socket Mobile scanners and readers.