Digital ID Data Capture for Hotel Check-In

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The Hotel Industry “Checks-In” With Digital ID

Many industries have begun implementing methods of accepting digital IDs for the convenience and security that digital credentials provide. The hotel industry is not far behind, as customers increasingly desire to use their digital IDs for fast and efficient check-ins. As more and more travelers are replacing their physical IDs with digital versions stored on their mobile devices, hotels are stepping up to meet the demand. This requires hotels to have the best data capture tools available to read guests credentials and complete the check-in process.

Digital ID is a secure and convenient way for hotels to confirm a guest’s identity while allowing the them to keep other personal information private. When using a digital ID to check-in, only the relevant information is shared with the hotel.

Socket Mobile provides data capture tools hotels need to read and accept digital IDs. Our scanners and readers make digital ID check-in not only possible but fast, safe, and reliable. By integrating a Socket Mobile solution, hotels can provide an efficient and secure way for guests to check-in.

Benefits of Integrating Socket Mobile for Hotel Check In

Choosing Socket Mobile means more than just selecting a data collection tool. We provide long-lasting benefits and support to give you complete confidence in your digital ID data collection for your guests:

Socket Mobile offers long-lasting, functional scanners and readers that capture data from paper, plastic cards, and phone screens. Your reader is able to capture multiple forms of data, whether the passenger presents a physical ID card or a digital ID on their mobile device. Digital IDs also include passport information and other documentation that may be necessary if guests are coming in from another country. Socket Mobile also provides scanners specifically designed to read passports, travel ID, and other 1D and 2D barcodes on both paper and screen.

Socket Mobile's devices allow guests to skip the usual line and use digital check-in kiosks. All your information is already in the system.A quick scan of the digital ID will confirm guest's identity, and the kiosk will dispense the room key.

Hotels must make their guests feel safe and secure, and that includes the check-in process. Since they generally only need to match the name on the ID to the reservation, along with confirming the guests are of legal age, this is the only information that is required. Our devices work cohesively with any application to ensure only relevant information is shared with hotel staff during check-in.

With guests coming and going, hotels require devices they can count on. Devices that are used frequently, such as in hotels, need to be durable and reliable. Socket Mobile's readers have a low breakage and return rates, so you can consistently count on your device to get the job done.

Socket Mobile is invested in ensuring you find the right device for your hotel and providing support through the setup process and beyond. We are committed to ensuring your needs are met, and you and your guests have the best experience possible.

At Socket Mobile, every device we provide is cordless. In a hotel environment, this can be helpful when you need to move from one end of the counter to the other to help guests. Cordless devices offered by Socket Mobile make for a safe and efficient work environment without being tied to a computer.

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