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Healthcare Solutions for Patient Care

There is no room for error in the medical industry. Healthcare facilities depend on reliable data entry, which requires professionals to strictly adhere to input procedures to facilitate referencing. To improve workflow, Socket Mobile offers durable, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, and comfortable-to-carry barcode scanner options for improved data capture and delivery solutions.

Socket Mobile’s Bluetooth barcode scanners help reduce the amount of handwritten material by immediately inputting scanned data. Practitioners can have instant access to medical records in a facility or when making house calls. In addition, Socket Mobile has a line of devices built specifically for healthcare: the D745 and D755. Both devices are built with medical grade plastic to withstand daily cleaning with harsh disinfectant solutions.


Use Case

  • 800 Series Attachable Scanner in Healthcare: With the Socket Mobile 800 series attachable scanner, nurses can use scanners to gain mobile access to a patient’s records. Socket Mobile data capture solutions make healthcare documentation more accurate and more efficient.

Case Study

  • Neuroptics is in optical evaluation for assessing bodily health; their facility uses Socket Mobile’s Bluetooth barcode readers for in-house usage, as well as tracking assets (products), alongside their Apple and Android devices.