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  • Reinventing Airport Baggage Handling Efficiency with XtremeScan Data Readers

    Socket Mobile's XtremeScan line of industrial barcode scanners offers a revolutionary approach to baggage handling by combining the ease of iPhone interfaces with high-performance scanning and military-grade device protection. The technology enables real-time data access, seamless synchronization with various airport systems, and improved customer communication, all aiming to create an improved user experience and increase passenger satisfaction.
    September 11, 2023

  • XtremeScan: Harnessing the Power of iPhones in Extreme Work Environments

    Socket Mobile's XtremeScan line revolutionizes the use of iPhones in extreme work environments. By overcoming traditional challenges and unlocking the potential of iOS applications, XtremeScan reshapes industrial data capture like never before.
    August 28, 2023

  • Find the Right Data Reader for Your Needs with Socket Mobile's Comparison Guides

    Navigating the diverse options of data readers can be overwhelming. Socket Mobile's Data Reader Comparison Guides simplify this task, breaking down the unique features and functionalities of various models. Equip yourself with the knowledge to make an informed purchasing decision, finding the perfect data capture solution tailored to your business needs.
    August 10, 2023

  • Unleashing the Potential of Digital Solutions in Event Management

    Explore how digital data capture technology is reshaping the event management landscape. Learn about Socket Mobile's innovative solutions, including QR/NFC technology, that streamline event processes, elevate the guest experience, and provide a competitive edge in the industry.
    July 26, 2023

  • Transforming Delivery Jobs: The Power of Camera-Based Barcode Scanning

    The emergence of camera-based barcode scanning technology is paving the way for a significant transformation in the delivery industry's employment models. The technology is revolutionizing the way delivery companies operate, enabling more flexible employment models and improving overall efficiency.
    May 25, 2023

  • Revolutionizing Access Control with Digital ID

    Digital IDs are quickly gaining popularity around the world and offer a solution for a more secure and convenient way to manage access control. By implementing digital ID solutions for access control, businesses and organizations can enhance security, reduce costs, and streamline access control processes.
    May 10, 2023

  • Curating Elevated Event Experiences with QR Codes & NFC Technology

    Events are the perfect playground for QR codes and contactless technology as they provide enhanced experiences for attendees while also improving and streamlining processes behind the scenes. Explore the benefits of QR & NFC technologies and how they can be implemented throughout events to create a next-level experience for attendees.
    April 27, 2023

  • Leveraging QR Codes for your Business: Stock Camera or SocketCam?

    Packing in considerably more data than traditional one-dimensional barcodes, the two-dimensional “QR code” has a use for everything from inventory and delivery tracking to ticket authentication and even payment systems. Explore the basics of scanning QR codes with stock camera apps, the possible issues you may run into when using these apps for data capture, and Socket Mobile’s software-based solutions to overcome these issues.
    April 13, 2023

  • New Product Selection Tool for Personalized Data Reader Recommendations

    We are thrilled to announce the launch of our updated Product Selection Tool! Finding the perfect data reader for your business or application can be a challenging and time-consuming process. That's why we've created this easy-to-use tool to help you narrow down your options and find the best data reader for your needs.
    March 29, 2023

  • GS1 Transitions to the Next Dimension: 2D Barcodes

    GS1 is slowly making the transition from 1D to 2D barcodes. It's important to know why this change is being made and how it will impact data capture. Learn more about the differences between 1D and 2D barcodes and how upgrading to 2D technology can benefit your business.
    March 1, 2023

  • Convenience of "Tap-and-Go" NFC Mobile Payments

    Every day, consumers increasingly choose NFC tap-and-go payments using their smart watches and phones instead of reaching for cards in their wallets. Learn how the convenience of tap-and-go NFC mobile payments is allowing users to make secure financial transactions without their wallets.
    February 24, 2023

  • Socket Mobile Scanner Spotted in NY Times: Housing Works Cannabis Co.

    A Socket Mobile barcode scanner was recently spotted in the NY Times at the grand opening of Housing Works Cannabis Co in Manhattan. Explore how Socket Mobile's barcode scanners helped facilitate the first recreational sale of cannabis in NY and how data capture benefits the cannabis industry.
    February 8, 2023

  • Digital ID - Making Waves Across the Globe

    Digital IDs are on the fast track to becoming commonplace, actively being tested and implemented around the world. Explore how countries are launching pilot trials and addressing the many questions and concerns that have risen from the introduction and adoption of digital IDs.
    February 2, 2023

  • A Guide to Understanding Socket Mobile’s Product Families

    Our Knowledge Center helps you compare and analyze Socket Mobile’s Product Families. Comparison Guides help you choose the product family that meets your scanning requirements and guide you toward the data reader(s) that will best enhance your business operations.
    January 23, 2023

  • Socket Mobile’s 2022 Year in Review

    As the New Year is quickly approaching, we’d like to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and reflect on this past year. During 2022, Socket Mobile launched groundbreaking new products, enhanced our development environments, achieved many milestones, and accomplished long-term goals that have brought our company new success.
    December 30, 2022

  • Happy Holiday Traditions from Socket Mobile Families

    Socket Mobile wishes you Happy Holidays and we want to say thank you to all our customers and partners that help us deliver high-performance data capture solutions. As the holiday season is in full swing, our employees share some personal traditions that make this time of year special and memorable for all.
    December 14, 2022

  • SocketCam: Data Capture for Deliveries Made Easy

    Delivery services and applications are on the rise for a variety of industries. Integrating with CaptureSDK and SocketCam camera-based scanning allows delivery applications to track orders from pick up to drop off while keeping track of product data on the go.
    December 5, 2022

  • Socket Mobile Celebrates 30 Years of Data Capture Optimization

    Since 1992, we have focused on creating tools to enhance the productivity of mobile workers, and we’ve accomplished many milestones along the way. Over the last thirty years, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted, industry-leading provider of data capture and delivery solutions. Needless to say, we had a lot to celebrate!
    November 21, 2022

  • A Letter from our CEO on Socket Mobile's 30th Anniversary

    On our 30th Anniversary, Socket Mobile CEO Kevin Mills details the roller coaster that has been the company’s history and how we overcame obstacles to become the successful mobile company we are today.
    November 10, 2022

  • Leverage Apple's iPadOS 16 with CaptureSDK

    iPadOS 16 compatibility across the entire Socket Mobile product line ensures that Apple iPad users can maximize the utility of both their data reader and their Bluetooth-paired Apple device. We ensure that our readers stay up-to-date and compatible with the latest Apple updates, and even with the latest addition of iPadOS 16, users can be assured that their tools will continue to adapt and perform as needed.
    November 3, 2022