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DuraScan® D600
Contactless Reader/Writer

Ergonomic and Elegant


Built for harsh environments in warehouse, distribution and industrial manufacturing. Stylish enough to be showcased in boutique retail environments.

The DuraScan® Model D600 Contactless Reader/Writer features great ergonomics fitting perfectly in your hand for comfortable and extended use. Light and small enough to fit in your pocket.

Designed for mobility and wireless reading/writing with Bluetooth® connection up to 330 ft (100 m).

Made for iOS, Android, or Windows® devices with Bluetooth LE.






  • Reading – Fast NFC & RFID Reader (HF tags, labels, smart devices).
  • Writing – Write/Encode, lock, unlock tags and communicate peer-to-peer with smart devices.
  • Exceptional Reading Ability - reads small tags, hard-to-reach tags, tags surrounded by metal or human skin.
  • Exceptional Ergonomics – Small, light and fits perfectly in the hand (with or without gloves on) for comfortable use over extended periods of time.
  • Long Lasting Battery - Power to last for two 8-hour shifts.
  • User Feedback - Intuitive LED indicators and melodies let users monitor battery, Bluetooth connection and scanning status at a glance.
  • Rugged Design – Protection rating of IP54 for dust and water splashing protection. Withstands multiple drops to concrete and repeated tumbles.
  • Protective Material - Made with antimicrobial additives to help protect against harmful bacteria.
  • Basic Mode (default) - No software installation required when using the NFC/RFID Reader & Writer in Bluetooth HID mode.
  • Application Mode - Improves business productivity with faster, efficient and reliable data transfer, leveraging functionality by integrating Socket Mobile’s SDK in your app.
  • Wireless (Bluetooth) - Reading for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices with long-range Bluetooth connection of 330 feet (100m). Uses Bluetooth low energy 4.2 with Privacy and Security Enhancements.
  • Wearable - Includes lanyard/ belt clip for convenient access wherever you go.
  • Designed and made in the USA




  • Dimensions
  • Reading Performance
  • RFID Reader Type
  • Power and Batteries
  • Environmental
  • Wireless Communications
  • External Controls



HF RFID Tags Supported:

  • ISO15693: ICode SL2, LRI512, my-d, Tag-It HF-I
  • Proprietary: ICode SLI, PicoTag (no anti-collision), Tag-It HF ISO/IEC 14443 A and B compliant tags with all variants (Mifare, Sony FeliCA) Compliant with EPC GEN 2 HF and ISO 18000-3 mode 3
  • ThinFilm: NFC Barcodes
  • NFC: NFCIP-1, ISO/IEC 18092) in 2 modes: reader and peer-to-peer, initiator, passive

Maximum RFID Read Range:
0.4" - 2" (10-50mm)




NFC/RFID front-end:

Carrier frequency:
13.56 MHz (RFID HF, NFC)

Read/Write Speed:

26 kbps (ISO 15693), 106kbps (ISO 14443), 212/424kbps (ISO 18092)

Integrated, 28mm x 14mm, balanced




1400 mAh Lithium - Ion Battery

Charge Time:
6 hours

Battery Life - Per Full Charge:
Active Operation: 70,000 reads

Note: Battery life varies depending on ambient temperature, read attempts, and age of battery.




Operating Temperature:
-20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F)

Storage Temperature: 
-40° to 70° C (-40° to 158° F)

Relative Humidity: 
95% at 60° C (140° F) (non-condensing), 4 days
IP54 (Ingress Protection rating for dust and water) EN60529

Drop Specifications: 
Multiple 5 ft. drops to concrete

Tumble Specification: 
250 cycles at 1.64 ft. (0.5 m) (500 drops), IEC60068-2-31, IEC60068-2-32




Bluetooth Radio: 
Bluetooth Low Energy, Version 4.2

Bluetooth Range: 
Up to 100 m (330 ft.) depending on environment, range limit is usually due to the Host Device (phone, tablet or notebook)

Bluetooth Profiles: 
Basic Mode – HID (Human Interface Device) Keyboard Emulation.
Application Mode – RDR (RFID Reader only) and PC/SC (for Read & Write) enabled by the SDK.

*Basic Mode is the Factory Reset (default) Bluetooth profile.